Momís Food delivers a complete range of All Natural Premium products made with home-style recipes to the international markets.
Our products are made of the finest ingredients and satisfy all needs and tastes. Our Gift Packaging, tailored to celebrate our customersí special occasions. Our vast range of products for Food Service business, conveying values of quality and services. Also, we offer Private Label products, which carefully customized to meet label owners specific requirements.


  Momís Food is committed to presenting an innovative new product regularly  to the market. For our latest new products, click here

Momís Food is dedicated to "producing high quality food products that are based on the most flavorful home-style recipes."

In addition to other Brand Names like; Blendy and Relax, Momís Food is the main Brand Name for products manufacture by Update for Food Processing.

Owners of Update Co. honor the unique experience of their Mom, by introducing specialty foods that are processed by the latest and safest food processing techniques. We hope new generations will enjoy serving our home-style recipes at their tables



ďCooking is similar to painting. In painting we mix different colors to make a nice tableau; in cooking we mix different ingredients to make a delicious recipe,Ē Mom always says.

With creativity and inspiration, Mom fulfilled her unique talents in both art and cooking for more than six decades. Art and cooking came together in Momís kitchen, where she created truly inspirational dishes that were, at the same time, healthy and delicious!
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