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Sanaa, our mother, was born in 1932 to an Irrigation Engineer who was working at the time with the British on various projects throughout Egypt. “Egypt is the Gift of the River Nile” as Herodotus said, and in those days Irrigation Engineers who sought to tame the Nile were very few and they were considered elite employees.

The government used to accommodate them in large English-style villas with spacious backyards. In addition, the government provided them with a Gardener, a Nanny, a Butler and a Cooking Chef as a part of their employment package.
Wide exposure to many cultures helped Mom to discover and master the secrets of various cooking styles in her home kitchen. Her mother and grandmother taught her Egyptian methods and recipes, while she learned international styles from her father’s British acquaintances, Greek from the nanny, Indian from the family’s butler, and Turkish from the chef.
During her early stages of education in “Notre Dame des Apôtres” French School, she perfected her cooking techniques and learned the complete operation of the French kitchen through her French tutors.
“Cooking is similar to painting, in painting we mix different colors to make a nice tableau; in cooking we mix different ingredients to make a delicious recipe” she always says.

In the late 1940’s, her father received a special assignment and journeyed to Aswan in Upper Egypt to make the field studies for the High Dam. Upper Egypt is the land of Pharaohs, Nubians and Ancient Temples of Egypt. There, she learned the mystery of how the Pharaohs preserved food with natural ingredients. She was enthusiastic to expand her knowledge by obtaining a high diploma in food ingredients and recipes from the most famous Italian school in all of Egypt – the College Franciscane in Aswan.
With creativity and inspiration, Mom fulfilled her unique talents in both art and cooking for more than six decades. Art and cooking came together in Mom’s kitchen, where she created truly inspirational dishes that were, at the same time, healthy and delicious!

Today, we honor this unique experience by introducing specialty foods that are processed by the latest and safest food processing techniques. We hope new generations will enjoy serving our home-style recipes at their tables.


Thanks, Mom, for being everything a mom can be!





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